Frank Bonny

Potroast contributor Frank Bonny (Issue 1 – Pretty Girls – with Ya wen Ho) has started a new quest to write a poem a day, building on an online book of poetry which can be found on his website

Each poem feeds on from the one before, a daily addition to create a complete poem by 1st January 2013.

You can like the book on facebook to receive poetry in your facebook feed;

Or follow @franklybonny on Twitter to receive poetry tweets.

As a taster, this is today’s poem:

Racing horse, around the course, broken leg, bullet in the head.

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About potroastzine

Potroast is a biannual literary zine publishing original short-fiction, poetry and art. We are currently Auckland-based, but feature contributors from as far as Edinburgh and Glasgow. Our contributors come from diverse backgrounds, and the work published in Potroast reflects this. Mission Statement: Potroast wants to become a zine that our contributors are proud of! Potroast also wants to help grow a community where contributors from different disciplines can mingle, exchange ideas and inspire each other.

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