We need your help.

Hello Fans of Potroast!

We are putting together an application for funding to help Potroast grow and develop, to increase submissions, subscriptions and circulation.

We need your help. We need your comments for our funding proposal to show that people are reading Potroast and what they value about it; to show how important Potroast is and what it can achieve in the future.

Please tell us what you like about Potroast, what work or contributors have been your favourite, and what you look forward to in a new issue.

Leave a comment here, on facebook, on twitter or email it to us.


2 thoughts on “We need your help.

  1. Potroast has been a wonderful supporter of emerging writers – giving encouragement and feedback in a constructive, engaged and friendly tone. You guys were the first to publish my poetry so many issues ago now. I hope there are tonnes more issues for people to contribute to and enjoy xx

  2. Reading Potroast is like being friends with a circle of creative, odd people who have a completely different view on life, keep no secrets and all fit into your pocket. It’s is a rare gem – a quality ‘zine with fantastic art and writing that still manages to be offbeat, unafraid to try new things, and independent. It’s been around long enough to show that its creators are really invested in it, but it’s still fresh and interesting. It’s really valuable because it fosters new talent. It keeps a high standard of design/editing and the editors work incredibly hard. I’m always really impressed by Potroast. One of my favourite things about it are the wonderful covers. I’ve also discovered poems and writing/art I’ve come to love and return to re-read (Astro-naut, A Study in Radiance, the story about the post-apocalyptic squid shaped rubber, the TRAUMATISING one about the jealous dog, Thomas Casey’s wonderful artwork… many more I’ve forgotten right now but will jump out at me as soon as I go and have a flick through my old copies again).Thanks Potroast.

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